If a lifetime is for learning, then spend it learning to love, for this is the reason for life, and the ability to love makes the journey worthwhile


Based on a dream of “The Beloved”, which becomes a beacon of light for self-reflection and improvement to transform hidden secrets and kindle a light in the darkness as old ways and patterns shift that have hindered intimacy, love and wholeness


All things relating to the topic of love and intimacy.

Adam and Eve


The Perfect Lovers – Adam and Eve or HE/SHE. It might change your perspectives, challenge your stereotypes and illuminate some private issues. It is designed to break blocks and barriers through the example of the archetype of the HE and SHE within and can possibly awaken some dark (psychological) shadows and turn them to gold.

A woman has a dream. This book is her diary as she attempts to chart the living out of her dream. The quest at the heart of the dream is about greater intimacy, incredible sex and the ability to overcome gravity to travel and levitate to higher dimensions by transcending the undertow of duality to attain the ultimate union of “Singularity”, the state where we become One. Our body holds a certain energy and through maturity, wisdom and right timing, this energy (kundalini) will come to fruition and blossom. In the meantime there is much preparatory work to be done.

Through the experience she comes to understand the journey of the dream as a dialogue between two archetypal characters, ADAM and EVE or SHE and HE as they represent two force fields meeting in the soul drama that falling in love entails. The Lovers become the perfect embodiment of the Masculine and the Feminine, the God and the Goddess, who must undergo an initiation that strips away their defences in the face of deepening love and intimacy. Inner conflicts arise as they engage in the Shadow work we all must explore in order to come to Union.

The layout of the book is framed with call and response pages facing each other. The call page on the left is that of the Lovers and the response page on the right is the Voice of Wisdom, a commentary to anchor the experience of the Lovers. This wisdom voice carries humour, observation and insight into an eternal experience that the reader may enter as if it is their own.

A beautifully pictured little red book acts as a magnifying glass to open into the sacredness of our bodies, our sexuality and relationships. For when the world is absorbed in violence, disruption and abuse, if we can reflect and improve upon our own private love life, perhaps we can positively influence the world at large.

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